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The Beers


Red Ale

5% ABV 

Malty and a little sweet with loads of caramel flavour!

"Chinook" Honey Wheat 

4.5% ABV

Made with Alberta honey from just up the road, it's light and oh so sweet

Oatmeal Stout

4.5% ABV

Dark and creamy with notes of dark chocolate and coffee, the perfect breakfast beer

New England IPA

6.5% ABV

Big, bold, and juicy with tons of citrus and tropical flavours


4.5% ABV

Crisp, clean, refreshing, and true to form. Perfect summer beer

Sunny Beaver Cider

5% ABV

Our good friends over at Sunny Cider whipped this up, it's currently a sangria cider! 

West Coast IPA

5.5% ABV

Piney, dank, and matly, this is a classic West Coast style 

Saskatoon Berry Honey Wheat

5% ABV

We took the Honey Wheat up a notch and added a crap ton of Saskatoon berries from the Saskatoon farm


Double NEIPA

8.1% ABV

Part of the anniversary beer releases, this brew brings our NEIPA  to a whole new level! 


2.5% ABV

Our Honey Wheat combined with Grizzly Paw Grapefruit soda is an absolutle match made in heaven

Saskatoon Radler

2.5% ABV 

Mixing our Saskatoon Honey Wheat with Grizzly Paw's Grapefruit Soda for a sweet, refreshing, fruity sipper 

Strawberry Blonde Gone Wild

5.2% ABV

Our first brew using Canadian wild yeast strains, with notes of strawberry cheesecake, peach, apricot and orange. Yummmm!

Sour Radler 

2.5% ABV 

Our Passion fruit, Guava, Blood Orange Sour matches perfectly with Grizzly Paw's Grapefruit Soda to give this the perfect little kick 

Stormy NEIPA

6.5% ABV 

In partnership with Stormy Acres Hop Farm, we bring to you this crowd favorite Whole Hop NEIPA featuring Triumph Hops straight from the bine!

White Wine Brut IPA

5.4% ABV

Attention wine lovers!

We are coming at you with a drink that carries the best parts of a white wine and an IPA!

Vitners Wit

5.9% ABV 

A Red Wine Belgian Wit.

Clove, Black Pepper, Citrus with a wonderful fruity finish!

Non - Alcoholic 

Grizzly Paw Soda

  • Root Beer

  • Cream Soda 

  • Grapefruit Soda 

Fahr Alkoholfrei

  • Fahr's delicious non-alcoholic beer (0.5%) SOLD OUT

Various Juice Boxes/Sodas

  • Various other sodas and juice boxes 

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